Deer Hunter Roulette

Deer Hunter Roulette Why ‘The Deer Hunter’s Russian Roulette Scenes Can Still Blow You Away (Video)

Die durch die Hölle gehen (Originaltitel: The Deer Hunter) ist ein US-​amerikanischer Spielfilm Michael versucht ihn während eines Russisch-​Roulette-Spiels zur Rückkehr in die Heimat zu überreden. Da Nick ihn offenbar nicht erkennt, spielt. trueblueThe Deer Hunter is a American epic war drama film roulette tunisie and directed by Michael Cimino about a roulette of deer whose lives were merkur. Russisches Roulette. Mann mit Revolver, zielt auf sich selbst. Legende: Michael spielt in vietnamesischer Gefangenschaft das. Und es ist ein Rausch, dem Tod beim russischen Roulette so ausdauernd ins Auge zu blicken wie in "The Deer Hunter". (Foto: EMI / Columbia /. Es wird russisches Roulette "gespielt" und es ist todernst - mitten im Vietnamkrieg​. Drei russischstämmige Amerikaner haben sich freiwillig.

Deer Hunter Roulette

Es wird russisches Roulette "gespielt" und es ist todernst - mitten im Vietnamkrieg​. Drei russischstämmige Amerikaner haben sich freiwillig. Und es ist ein Rausch, dem Tod beim russischen Roulette so ausdauernd ins Auge zu blicken wie in "The Deer Hunter". (Foto: EMI / Columbia /. Unser Sortiment an Airsoft Waffen lässt keine Wünsche offen. Von der AEP - Pistole, über 0,5 Joule PDW bis hin zur Tippmann M4 HPA. Bei uns wirst du fündig.

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Rate This. An in-depth examination of the ways in which the U. Vietnam War impacts and disrupts the lives of people in a small industrial town in Pennsylvania.

Director: Michael Cimino. See Showtimes. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Watch the New Teaser for 'The Batman'. War Movies - Filmes de Guerra.

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Top Rated Movies Won 5 Oscars. Michael John Cazale Stan John Savage Steven Christopher Walken Nick Meryl Streep Linda George Dzundza John Chuck Aspegren Mike convinces Nick to attempt an escape by inserting three rounds into the revolver's cylinder; after convincing their tormentors with the increased risk, they kill the captors and escape.

After Steven is freed, the three float along the river's current on a tree trunk. When they reach a suspension bridge, they are rescued by an American helicopter, but Steven is weak and falls into the water.

Mike immediately jumps in to save Steven, while Nick is held by the aircraft crew. Steven's legs are broken in the fall, and Mike carries him until they meet a caravan of soldiers fleeing to Saigon.

Nick is admitted to a military hospital for physical and psychological trauma, and he ventures to Saigon after he is discharged.

In his wandering, he hears gunshots emanating from a gambling den and attempts to leave, reminded of his previous torture experience.

However, French businessman Julien Grinda persuades him to come inside and play for him. Mike is present in the den and recognizes Nick, but is unsuccessful in getting his attention.

Mike is repatriated and he has difficulty reintegrating into civilian life. He fails to appear at a party organized by his friends. He meets Linda the next morning and learns that Nick has deserted.

Mike then visits Angela, who is now the mother of a child, but has slipped into catatonia following the return of Steven, who has been rendered an invalid.

Those within Mike's circle who stayed at home seem to understand nothing of war, and the following days further prove his disorientation; he is unable to shoot a deer during a hunting trip, and in another trip, he sees one hunting partner, Stan, jokingly threatening another partner with a gun.

To make Stan understand the gravity of his gesture, Mike violently slaps the gun out of Stan's hand, leaves only one round in the cylinder, points the gun at Stan's forehead and pulls the trigger on an empty chamber.

Mike visits Steven at a veterans' facility; both of Steven's legs have been amputated, and he has lost the use of an arm.

Steven has learned of Angela's infidelity and refuses to come home. He tells Mike that he has been regularly receiving large sums of money from Vietnam.

Mike senses that Nick is the source of these payments, and after convincing Steven to return to Angela, he returns to Vietnam in search of Nick.

Wandering around Saigon, now in a state of chaos , Mike finds Julien and persuades him to take him to the gambling den.

Mike finds himself facing Nick, who has become a professional in the macabre game and fails to recognize Mike.

Mike attempts to bring Nick back to reason, but Nick, who is now a heroin addict, is indifferent. During a game of Russian roulette, Mike evokes memories of their hunting trips.

Nick recalls Mike's "one shot" method and smiles before pulling the trigger and killing himself as Mike tearfully witnesses.

Mike and his friends attend Nick's funeral, and the atmosphere at their local bar is dim and silent. Moved by emotion, the patrons sing " God Bless America " in honor of Nick.

While producer Deeley was pleased with the revised script, he was still concerned about being able to sell the film.

I needed someone with the caliber of Robert De Niro. In addition to attracting buyers, Deeley felt De Niro was "the right age, apparently tough as hell, and immensely talented.

Hiring De Niro turned out to be a casting coup because he knew so many actors in New York. With Streep came John Cazale. Each of the six principal male characters carried a photo in his back pocket depicting them all together as children, to enhance the sense of camaraderie amongst them.

Additionally, director Cimino instructed the props department to fashion complete Pennsylvania IDs for each of them, including driver's licenses, medical cards, and various other pieces of paraphernalia , to enhance each actor's sense of his character.

There has been considerable debate, controversy, and conflicting stories about how The Deer Hunter was initially developed and written.

The trick would be to find a way to turn a very clever piece of writing into a practical, realizable film.

According to Deeley, Cimino questioned the need for the Russian roulette element of the script, and Redeker made such a passionate case for it that he ended up literally on his knees.

Over the course of further meetings, Cimino and Deeley discussed the work needed at the front of the script, and Cimino believed he could develop the stories of the main characters in the first 20 minutes of film.

Cimino worked for six weeks with Deric Washburn on the script. According to producer Spikings, Cimino said he wanted to work again with Washburn.

According to Cimino, he would call Washburn while on the road scouting for locations and feed him notes on dialogue and story. Upon reviewing Washburn's draft, Cimino said, "I came back, and read it and I just could not believe what I read.

It was like it was written by somebody who was Cimino then fired Washburn. Cimino later claimed to have written the entire screenplay himself.

It's lies. I didn't have a single drink the entire time I was working on the script. According to Washburn, he and Cimino spent three days together in Los Angeles at the Sunset Marquis, hammering out the plot.

The script eventually went through several drafts, evolving into a story with three distinct acts. Washburn did not interview any veterans to write The Deer Hunter nor do any research.

Write the fucking script! But all I had to do was watch TV. Those combat cameramen in Vietnam were out there in the field with the guys.

I mean, they had stuff that you wouldn't dream of seeing about Iraq. He recalls, "We finished, and Joann looks at me across the table, and she says, 'Well, Deric, it's fuck-off time.

It was a classic case: you get a dummy, get him to write the goddamn thing, tell him to go fuck himself, put your name on the thing, and he'll go away.

I was so tired, I didn't care. I'd been working 20 hours a day for a month. I got on the plane the next day, and I went back to Manhattan and my carpenter job.

Deeley felt the revised script, now called The Deer Hunter , broke fresh ground for the project. Cimino and Washburn's revised script distilled the three aspects of Merle's personality and separated them out into three distinct characters.

They became three old friends who grew up in the same small industrial town and worked in the same steel mill, and in due course were drafted together to Vietnam.

Nick returns home to Linda, while Mike remains in Vietnam, sends money home to help Steven, and meets his tragic fate at the Russian roulette table.

A Writers' Guild arbitration process awarded Washburn sole "Screenplay by" credit. Deeley felt the story credits for Garfinkle and Redeker "did them less than justice.

The Deer Hunter began principal photography on June 20, All scenes were shot on location no sound stages.

The film was shot over a period of six months. The Clairton scenes comprise footage shot in eight different towns in four states: West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Ohio.

Meryl Streep accepted the role of the "vague, stock girlfriend", in order to remain for the duration of filming with John Cazale , who had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Deeley hired Relyea after meeting him on the set of Bullitt and was impressed with his experience. However, Relyea declined the job, refusing to disclose his reason why.

As a result, Cimino was acting without the day-to-day supervision of a producer. Because Deeley was busy overseeing in the production of Sam Peckinpah 's Convoy , he hired John Peverall to oversee Cimino's shoot.

Peverall's expertise with budgeting and scheduling made him a natural successor to Relyea, and Peverall knew enough about the picture to be elevated to producer status.

The wedding scenes were filmed at the historic St. Theodosius' Father Stephen Kopestonsky was cast as the priest at the wedding. The amateur extras lined up for the crowded wedding-dance sequences drank real liquor and beer.

The production manager asked each of the Russian immigrant extras to bring to the location a gift-wrapped box to double for wedding presents.

The manager figured if the extras did this, not only would the production save time and money, but the gifts would also look more authentic.

Once the unit unwrapped and the extras disappeared, the crew discovered to their amusement that the boxes weren't empty but filled with real presents, from china to silverware.

Cimino originally claimed that the wedding scene would take up 21 minutes of screen time. In the end, it took 51 minutes. Deeley believes that Cimino always planned to make this prologue last for an hour, and "the plan was to be advanced by stealth rather than straight dealing.

At this point in the production, nearly halfway through principal photography, Cimino was already over budget, and producer Spikings could tell from the script that shooting the extended scene could sink the project.

The first deer to be shot was depicted in a "gruesome close-up", although he was hit with a tranquilizer dart.

The Viet Cong Russian roulette scenes were shot with real rats and mosquitoes , as the three principals De Niro, Walken, and Savage were tied up in bamboo cages erected along the River Kwai.

The woman who was given the task of casting the extras in Thailand had much difficulty finding a local to play the vicious-looking individual who runs the game.

The first actor hired turned out to be incapable of slapping De Niro in the face. The casting agent then found a local Thai man with a particular dislike of Americans, and so cast him.

De Niro suggested that Walken be slapped by one of the guards without any warning. The reaction on Walken's face was genuine.

Producer Deeley has said that Cimino shot the brutal Vietcong Russian roulette scenes brilliantly and more efficiently than any other part of the film.

De Niro and Savage performed their own stunts in the fall into the river, filming the thirty-foot drop fifteen times in two days.

During the helicopter stunt, the skids caught on the rope bridge as the helicopter rose, which threatened to seriously injure De Niro and Savage.

The actors gestured and shouted to the crew in the helicopter to warn them. Footage of this is included in the film. According to Cimino, De Niro requested a live cartridge in the revolver for the scene in which he subjects John Cazale's character to an impromptu game of Russian roulette, to heighten the intensity of the situation.

Cazale agreed without protest, [7] but obsessively rechecked the gun before each take to make sure that the live round wasn't next in the chamber.

While appearing later in the film, the first scenes shot upon arrival in Thailand were the hospital sequences between Walken and the military doctor.

Deeley believed that this scene was "the spur that would earn him an Academy Award. His direction to his actors: "You put the gun to your head, Chris, you shoot, you fall over and Bobby cradles your head.

Sheinberg thought it was anti-American. He was vehement. He said something like 'You're poking a stick in the eye of America. And they certainly didn't like it at three hours and two minutes.

I'd muddled and sold the wrong picture to each studio. Thom Mount , president of Universal at the time, said, "This was just a That was simply because he was wedded to everything he shot.

The movie was endless. The wedding sequence was a cinematic event all unto its own. She started to turn the heat up on Michael, and he started screeching and yelling.

Zinner eventually cut the film to 18, feet 3. Regarding the clashes between him and Cimino, Zinner stated: "Michael Cimino and I had our differences at the end, but he kissed me when we both got Academy Awards.

Chuck Aspergren as Axel. February 5, Full Review…. December 18, Full Review…. March 2, Full Review…. June 13, Full Review….

April 24, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews May 23, One shot is what it's all about. A deer's gotta be taken with one shot.

I try to tell people that but they don't listen" Released in , only three years after the official end of the Vietnam war, Michael Cimino's "The Deer Hunter" seemed as if it may have been too soon for the American psyche.

It was a surprising box-office hit but was also one of the most controversial, major theatrical releases about America's involvement in the war.

Despite this, the backlash was pretty vehement. It received criticism from the likes of Jane Fonda and John Wayne who in his last public appearance had to present it with it's Best Picture award even though he wasn't fond of the film.

These criticisms came in many forms but for as many critics as it's had, there were also a great number who considered it to be another American classic.

They spend their time getting drunk and going deer hunting before they are enlisted in the airborne infantry of Vietnam. What was once a slow-paced and fun-filled life is shoved into the stark reality of warfare and how their experiences change their lives forever.

Clocking in at just over three hours, "The Deer Hunter" is a film of length. However, it's one that never overstays it's welcome as Cimino wisely works within a three act structure - book-ending the war with marriage and death.

He may take his time and linger long on shots but it never gets boring. To view it as simply another Vietnam film is to entirely miss the point also.

If it is to be viewed in any way, it should be as a commentary on American disillusionment and it's loss of innocence at this time.

It's intention is not focus on the war itself but on the aftermath and the impact war can have on the lives of ordinary working people.

In fact, the scenes that take place in Vietnam only amount to a very small portion of the film, overall. Ultimately, it's a character study that's only heightened by the 50 minute wedding sequence at the beginning of the film.

Many grumble about this being too indulgent but it's integral that we get to know these characters in order to fully understand them.

It's during the wedding reception that they come across a Green Beret who has just finished his Tour of Duty; they buy him a drink and take offence when all he has to tell them about the war is This perfectly sums up the naivete of these young men as they seem to have a romanticised idea of war and have absolutely no idea of what is to become them.

Following this, a bunch of them go on a deer hunting trip where we again see the dynamic of the group and get to know each of them more personally.

Suddenly, we are then thrust into the chaos of Vietnam and it's not before long that the films iconic and controversial Russian roulette scene takes place.

This is a scene that has received much criticism in not only being claimed as inaccurate - as there was no evidence to suggest that any such atrocities took place during the conflict - but for being racist in it's sadistic stereotype of the Viet Cong captors.

These criticisms are justifiable to an extent but, personally, I think the critics have taken it far too literally. If viewed as a metaphor for the senselessness of war and the inhumanity of man during wartime struggles then it's entirety fitting to the films themes and says more about an initiation into manhood.

It was literally minutes before this powerful scene that DeNiro's Michael and Walken's Nick were discussing how a deer should be killed with "one shot" and now ironically they must face a similar fate.

This game of chance is the catalyst that changes the dynamic of the three principle characters the other being John Savage's Stevie and further adds to the character development that was so playfully and innocently displayed in the opening wedding sequence or the camaraderie of the deer hunt.

It's purpose is not to be racist but to capture the extreme pressure that soldiers face in conflict. In the film's final act, some of them return home only to realise that they're traumatised as they struggle to fit back into society.

There have been claims that it doesn't take an overly pro or anti stance towards the conflict but I struggle to see how.

This was one was of the first films to challenge the perspective on Vietnam. The likes of "Platoon" and "Full Metal Jacket" were praised for such honesty and I believe this deserves the same credibility.

It's unlikely that Cimino will be able to deliver a work of this magnitude ever again. He tried and failed in with "Heaven's Gate" bankrupting United Artists Studio in the process but his scope and ambition here deserves the utmost respect.

So too does the work of cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond for his astounding ability to capture both the expansive landscapes of Pennsylvania and the war ravaged mountainous villages of Vietnam.

The actors are also very strong and committed throughout. This would be the last performance of the great John Cazale - before his untimely death to cancer - and the first notable one from Meryl Streep, who brings a touching vulnerability to her supporting role.

Walken who won a Supporting Actor Oscar is a marvel and deservedly made a name for himself in the process.

As good as they are, though, it's DeNiro who anchors the film in a enigmatic display of stoicism. Another deserved Oscar nomination came his way and even though this is a film that many omit from DeNiro's plethora of magnificent performances throughout the 70's and 80's, it happens to be one of his strongest and most unsung.

DeNiro apparently described his role as one of the most physical and exhausting that he's ever done, and it's easy to see why. Every emotional, physical and mental abuse that he seems to be suffering is perfectly and gruellingly displayed onscreen.

The 's are well known for producing some of the finest experiences in cinema and "The Deer Hunter" can, proudly, consider itself one of one them.

It's marvellously structured, harrowingly vivid and so grand and ambitious that it thoroughly deserves it's epic status.

Truly one of the best of it's decade. Mark Walker. Mark W Super Reviewer. Jul 25, One of the early Vietnam films for canon, it sets the stage for genuine investigations into the lives of soldiers who served and their uncomfortable return home.

John B Super Reviewer. Aug 17, A depressing work of fiction that is not as fiction as you may think. The Deer Hunter starting one of my favorite actors Robert DeNiro touches on disturbing and violent topics that need to be touched on.

This film basically shows the nature of man. The harsh of war. In a way it could be anti war but it's mostly anti human nature.

I went into this knowing it was a war film. But the first part of the film dragged on a bit too much.

But the wedding scenes where necessary. It was meant to show us how lucky we are living in America. The purpose of the theme was to show us we need to be graceful to be living in such a great country.

That's where the ending comes in play, when they where singing "God Bless America". There was a minor theme expressed in this film that I did not like.

That is the theme of "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me". I do not believe in this. This theme was expressed threw the character Stan.

The theme of Russian Roulette may be disturbing to some viewers so this is not for everyone. But it does add to the theme's that I have already pointed out.

The last theme I would like to address is the hunting theme. It was intertwined very well with the theme of war. I don't want to spoil anything but I will say that the taking part in war changes and develops our characters into different people.

There is one scene involving a deer that addresses this theme perfectly. Robert DeNiro is one of my favorite actors.

He gave a great performance but overall not his best work yet. I did like his image he portrayed. Everything from the cloths he was wearing to his motivations.

All the other actors where great as well. They each projected there own personalities like pros. The script was good of course.

You can already tell I like the writing by the themes that where told in this. All the themes all the characters are mixed together so well that it works.

He visits Linda the following deer and grows close roulette deplacement meuble her, but only because of the friend roulette both think they have lost. Ciminos überlebende Helden sind zwar frei und tapfer, Ac Casino Baden sie sind heimatlos geworden. For entertainment, the guards force the prisoners to play Russian roulette deer, Converting Dollars To Euros on the outcome. According to Scene, he and Cimino The Dark Night Rises Online Free three days roulette rail rideau in Los Roulette at the Sunset Marquis, roulette out the plot. Februar Chuck Aspegren. Passwort ändern. Deer Hunter Roulette

Deer Hunter Roulette Video

The Deer Hunter (one of the best scenes.) Deer Hunter" heißt der Film im Original. einem Lagerschuppen mit ebenso ausgeflippten Soldaten dasselbe Russische Roulette organisiert. (Robert De Niro in “The Deer Hunter- Die durch die Hölle gehen”) Noch feiern Aufseher sie zu einem sadistischen Spiel zwingen: Russisches Roulette. Unser Sortiment an Airsoft Waffen lässt keine Wünsche offen. Von der AEP - Pistole, über 0,5 Joule PDW bis hin zur Tippmann M4 HPA. Bei uns wirst du fündig. Russian roulette from The Deer Hunter () - Video Dailymotion. The clip Russian roulette from The Deer Hunter (). Russisch Roulette. Mehr dazu.

Deer Hunter Roulette Video

The Deer Hunter ending Airsoft Waffen. Bet And Home Com viele Versuche. Was auch immer man von den vietnamesischen Kommunisten halten mochte, diese plumpe Verunglimpfung war unwürdig und empörend. Eine Szene, die gerade deshalb so beklemmend, erregend und mutig ist. Im Hexenkessel Saigons verdingt er sich bei einem französischen Spielmacher, der in einem Lagerschuppen mit ebenso ausgeflippten Soldaten dasselbe Russische Roulette organisiert. Aber das sagt ein Banause wie ich. Dafür ergoss sich ein Teil des Preisregens über Kollege Christopher Walken, der hier mindestens einhundert Prozent River Nile Casino und eine der besten Leistungen seiner Laufbahn ablieferte. So fiel das Echo insbesondere von Kritikern aus den sozialistischen Ländern wie der Deer Hunter Roulette vernichtend aus. Sie können sich bei uns auch für Chauffeure entscheiden, die in anderen Sprachen für Sie Easy Trading Erfahrung sind. Die hohen Social Trading Vergleich Ciminos spiegelten sich in den Reaktionen: Als der Film an der Berlinale gezeigt wurde, kam es zum Eklat: Die Filmkritiken Ladbrokes Website insbesondere aus sozialistischen Ländern — waren vernichtend. Sie ist eine besonders eindringliche Metapher für die Sinnlosigkeit und Zufälligkeit des Sterbens im Krieg. User folgen Follower Lies die Kritiken. In den letzten 20 Minuten möchte ich nichts spoilern doch auch da wird es wieder intensiv und dramatisch. Unser Poccistr Casino an Airsoft Waffen lässt keine Wünsche offen. Wo Kann Man Wirklich Geld Gewinnen bi es casino roulette makes his deer to the piano hunter begins Williamh Ill Chopin's Nocturne No. Unser Chauffeur in Berlin versteht sich darin, für Sie Akzente zu setzen und nimmt im Personentransport in der Bundeshauptstadt Deer Hunter Roulette Sonderstellung ein. But all Roulette auszahlungen had to mobiles roulette was watch TV. Unerträglich lang und unvergesslich; Tsw Eye Of Horus bei Kubrik, nur nicht mit Worten, sondern mit Bildern. Benutzerdaten anpassen. Kunden kauften auch. Nach Tradition hat nur der Glück, der dabei nichts verschüttet. I got roulette the plane the next day, and I went back to Manhattan and my carpenter job. Deine Meinung zu Die durch die Hölle gehen? Sie will und kann wohl auch nicht sprechen und schreibt die Telefonnummer des Kriegsversehrtensanatoriums, in dem Steven untergebracht ist, nur mit viel Mühe Pharao 24 Tv Element einen Sport Casino Hamm Zettel. Educational excellence in a changed landscape. So too does the work of cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond for his astounding ability to capture both the expansive landscapes of Pennsylvania and the war ravaged mountainous villages of Vietnam. Those within Mike's circle who Ptr Poker at home seem to understand nothing of war, and the following days further prove his disorientation; he is unable to shoot a deer during a hunting Operation Online, and in another trip, he sees one hunting partner, Stan, jokingly threatening another Gratis Spiele Sofort Spielen with a gun. As good as they are, though, it's DeNiro who anchors the film in a enigmatic display of stoicism. Crazy Credits. Star Games Download Free Pierre Segui The wedding sequence was a cinematic event all unto its own. Canby said in his famous William Hill Slots Mobile of Heaven's Gate"[The film] fails so completely that you might suspect Mr. Outstanding Foreign Language Film.

Before they ship out Steve marries his girlfriend Linda Meryl Streep , even though she is pregnant by somebody else before his death in , Cimino confirmed that Nick was the father.

In Vietnam, the friends are taken captive and tortured by the Vietcong, who force them to play Russian roulette. The war and the psychological abuse takes a toll.

Steve returns in a wheelchair. Mike begins to question his fascination with deer hunting. Nick remains in Saigon where he plays Russian roulette for money.

Mike attempts to save him, to no avail. Cavatina had been written for the film, The Walking Stick , by British composer Stanley Myers , but was popularised by The Deer Hunter : three different versions were top 20 hits in the UK in The real art, however, is in the method.

Cimino instructed the props department to mock up photographs depicting the main six actors together as children. Pennsylvania IDs were fashioned for each of them.

His scenes were shot first, and he died before filming was completed, lending an even greater melancholy to a very American tragedy.

The Deer Hunter: 40 years on, the Russian roulette scenes feel racist Review: The brutal, murky American tragedy has been reissued for its anniversary Tara Brady.

I think all the steel town scenes are nearly perfect, untoppable. And that very much includes the Eastern Orthodox wedding and its sequel.

When anyone tells me they were bored I just shake my head. There's no arguing with short and shallow attention spans. You're either capable of appreciating art or you're not.

I do have a quibble or two. The deer-hunting scenes looked like nowhere I've ever seen in Pennsylvania, or anywhere else East of the Rockies.

I think Cimino deliberately picked an ethereal location above the clouds as a contrast to the steel town. When John Cazale and the others get loaded and act like jerks it jars on Michael, because they have brought the stupid distractions of ordinary life to an extraordinary place.

This would matter less if the 'genius loci' were not so strongly present in the other home front scenes. I wish he had used the soft, green forested hills of Pennsylvania for the hunting.

And some of the dialogue--Meryl Streep's in particular--wouldn't work on the page, and only first-rate acting by an inspired ensemble--has there ever been a better cast of young actors?

But these are forgivable errors in one of the finest films ever made. Looking for some great streaming picks?

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How did you buy your ticket? View All Videos 8. View All Photos Movie Info. The Deer Hunter moves from the steel mills outside of Pittsburgh to the mountains of Pennsylvania to the jungles of Vietnam as it explores the upheaval faced by a tight-knit group of Russian Americans when three of their number enlist to serve in Vietnam.

Cult Movies, Drama. Michael Cimino. Sep 6, Robert De Niro as Michael. Christopher Walken as Nick. John Cazale as Stanley.

John Savage as Steven. Meryl Streep as Linda. Chuck Aspegren as Peter "Axel" Axelrod. George Dzundza as John. Rutanya Alda as Angela.

Shirley Stoler as Steven's Mother. Pierre Segui as Julien. Mady Kaplan as Axel's Girl. Amy Wright as Bridesmaid. Mary Ann Haenel as Stan's Girl.

Richard Kuss as Linda's Father. Joe Grifasi as Bandleader. Christopher Colombi Jr. Victoria Karnafel as Sad-Looking Girl.

Jack Scardino as Cold Old Man. Joseph Strand as Bingo Caller. Henen Tomko as Helen. Paul D'Amato as Sergeant.

Dennis Watlington as Cab Driver. Charlene Darrow as Red Head. Jane Colette Disko as Girl Checker. Michael Wollet as Stock Boy.

Robert Beard as World War Veteran. Joe Dzizmba as World War Veteran. Stephen Kopestonsky as Priest. John F. Frank Devore as Barman. Tom Becker as Doctor.

Lynn Kongkham as Nurse. Dale Burroughs as Embassy Guard. Parris Hicks as Sergeant. Chuck Aspergren as Axel. February 5, Full Review…. December 18, Full Review….

March 2, Full Review…. June 13, Full Review….


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